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We conduct a free accessibility audit of your website

Web accessibility audit services

WCAG 2.1 A/AAA/AAA Audits

We perform web accessibility audits using artificial intelligence means and manual actions in order to provide a useful and accurate audit, always complying with the regulations.

Legal and compliance support

We use the WCAG-EM methodology and provide all companies that work with us with proof of compliance with accessibility regulations through both digital support in our ADDAW domain and physical support signed by an accessibility expert.

Assistance and support

We teach, in your office or via video conference, how to address the issues detected during the web accessibility audit. No matter how specific the problem, there is always a way to make it accessible.

AIS Certificates

We collaborate with ARS.

Our audits meet all the requirements to obtain the AIS certificate.

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How do we perform accessibility audits in ADDAW?

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    Website audit

    We carry out an in-depth accessibility audit following the WCAG-EM methodology standard. This way, we guarantee compliance with the ADA standard.

    Then, we deliver a document where each of the accessibility criteria is analyzed page by page, highlighting where the issues are and how to solve them with specific examples of your website.

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    Once the audit is done, we establish a time window, that is, the time you need to make the changes suggested in the audit. During this time window, we will provide assistance as consultants with the changes that need to be made in order to improve your website accessibility. This will ensure that the second audit we do afterwards is correct and, therefore, the final one.

    There are no more excuses for not being accessible!

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    Accessibility certification

    Once the changes are made, we will conduct a second full audit to verify that the website is now accessible. After this, we will send you the documentation you need: both our own report and the ACR, and we will provide our accreditation stamp to place on your website.

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Don't know where to start?

We help you to prepare your website to be accessible.

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Why is making my website accessible good for me?

Websites have a social duty to employ tools and technologies developed to aid the perception, understanding, navigation and interaction of a person with a disability on the site.

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