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Because accessibility is a right, not a privilege.

What does ADDAW stand for?

It stands for Asociación para la Defensa del Derecho a la Accesibilidad Web (Association for the Defence of the Right to Web Accessibility). We are a non-profit association that fights to ensure that this right becomes a reality.

What are we working for?

As we said, we are working towards web accessibility, but what does this mean?

This means that all people, regardless of whether or not they have a disability, should be able to use the Internet and carry out transactions on equal terms.

By law, the following organizations and companies are currently compelled to have their websites accessible (we understand accessible to mean that they comply with the WCAG 2.0):

Federal entities (town halls, museums...)
Entities or associations receiving public funding
Private educational establishments

Does your website need to be accessible?

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What do we want to achieve?


Importance of web accessibility

We want to raise social awareness, to educate about the importance of making the web accessible to everyone, as it is an essential right that cannot be denied to anyone.


Accessible websites directory

The creation of this directory will allow people with disabilities, who have problems using the Internet, to know which websites are concerned about accessibility and, at the same time, gather them in the same place.

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Accessibility audits of all types of websites

By performing these audits, pages that do not have correct accessibility will be informed about the need to change this situation and the advantages of doing so. In the event that, after the preliminary audit, the company or entity wants to become accessible, ADDAW will commit to provide support, and will leave our accessibility expert auditors at their disposal. This way, we can carry out a complete accessibility audit, following the WCAG-EM methodology to certify the compliance with the regulations.

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Accessibility label

Owning this label will allow users to quickly identify whether a website is accessible or not. At ADDAW, we will try to ensure that this label is on all the websites that we have audited.

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International Accessibility Certificate

Our audits meet all the requirements to obtain the AIS certificate.

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You can also count on us for...

Adapted captioning

We use colour coding and audio information to comply with the ADA standard for the hearing impaired.

Audio description

We use descriptive oral information to comply with the ADA standard for visually impaired people.

Signed videos

In addition to captioning adapted for the hearing impaired, we also sign in Spanish sign language.

Adapted signage

We work in Braille, high relief, pictograms and sign language, so that people with sensory and/or cognitive disabilities can obtain information about the space around them.

Easy reading

To enable easier reading and comprehension for people with cognitive disabilities.


We train your company's staff in the basics of disability, inclusion and communication with different groups.

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