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Triple A Seal

ADDAW web accessibility certificate

We ensure that websites are accessible

The ADDAW Web Accessibility Seal confirms that a website is accessible and its level of accessibility. In order to obtain it, the website must have passed an audit with us to prove that it meets all the specified accessibility requirements.

With this seal, we will be able to access the website’s file, where we will find user opinions to save them on our list to have quick and direct access.

How do I get it for my website?

  1. 1

    Request an audit

    We will perform an audit to check your website is accessibility. If it is not adequate, we will indicate you the changes you need to make to improve it, or, if you want, we can make the changes ourselves.

    Request audit
  2. 2

    My website is accessible

    Once your website is accessible, we will provide you with the accessibility seal along with the link to the file we will create for you in ADDAW.

  3. 3

    You can put the seal on your website now!

    Put the seal in the footer. This way, users will know that your website is accessible and will also be able to see the results of the audit and save it with their favorite websites in the ADDAW directory.

How many seals are there?

According to the WCAG 2.2 standard, there are three levels of web accessibility: A, AA and AAA.

Stamp A

Level A

It is the least demanding. You have to have text alternatives for the images, captions in the videos, a good contrast...

Double A stamp

Level AA

Intermediate level. This is the level generally requested from public administrations. In addition to what is required at level A, it is necessary to offer: captions for live audio, possibility of increasing the size of the text, audio description...

This is the minimum level to comply with current regulations.

Triple A Seal

Level AAA

The highest level. Here we must have sign language interpretation, extended audio description, explanation of abbreviations, double confirmation for sending data, waiting time warnings...

How do I know if the seal is verified?

Sites that have passed our audit and are truly accessible will have the audit results linked to the seal, and anyone will be able to check them by clicking on it. If the seal does not link to the audit, check our directory for the status of the site.

Do you want us to review a website?

If there is a website you would like us to review or to propose an accessibility audit, please contact us here:

Web Accessibility Audit

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