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We fight for a more accessible Internet

So that we all have the same opportunities

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Do you want to know whether your website needs to be accessible?

What do we do?

We carry out educational work on accessibility

and we help you ensure that your website complies with the necessary standards.

Accessibility audits

We audit your website and provide a detailed report with the improvements needed to comply with the ADA standard.


We create a VPAT based ACR for you, providing necessary documentation and expert guidance


We conduct courses and informative events on accessibility.

We are also creating an accessible website search engine.

AIS Certificates

We collaborate with ARS.

Our audits meet all the requirements to obtain the AIS certificate.

AIS certification seal

Request an audit and obtain the certificate.

I want the AIS certificate.

Our search engine for accessible websites

We audit all websites to ensure they are compliant with regulations

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